We're investing to develop and expand our Original and Theatrical release programs. These movies will play at prestigious film festivals, then premiere online at Flix Premiere. Additionally, the Originals given a theatrical release will show initially in the cities of New York, Los Angeles and London!

See our latest originals below

Bikini Moon

A charismatic homeless woman captures the attention of a documentary film crew who are ready to exploit her story.

Read what the critics are saying:
"This is the entirely fresh and original work of a master filmmaker."The Movie Gourmet
"Rashad is a multitude of women in this open-ended role and demonstrates her forceful screen presence."Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter
"Rashad... gives an impressive tornado of a performance, and she deserves to become a huge star."Vladan Petkovic, Cineuropa

Butterfly Kisses

Jake and his best friends' world is distorted by sex and porn. They all have their demons, but Jake's secret is one that can't be shared.

Read what the critics are saying:
"Beautifully produced."John Malkovich
"Unforgettable."Stephen Fry
"Confident London story of young love and old secrets."Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

The Other Kids

A raw, intimate look into the struggles of six small-town teens on the verge of high school graduation.

Read what the critics are saying:
"Genuine and relevant."Variety
"Entirely fresh...a triumphant debut."The Movie Gourmet
"Beautiful, elegant...profound."Hollywood in Toto