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What is Flix Premiere?

Our mission is to democratize the film industry, so you can:


Critic and film festival favorites


Emerging stars and unique voices


Incredible stories from indie film

Discover the True Identity of Cinema

Independent cinema is limitless. It comes in all genres and languages; featuring emerging stars and empowering new voices that aren’t afraid to push artistic boundaries, free from big studio constraints.
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We Hand-Pick Films for you

We believe that watching a film is a deeply human experience. That’s why we don’t rely on algorithms in our film selection process. Instead, we consult critic reviews, festival reception, award record, and our team of screeners, to hand-pick the best of independent cinema for you.
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Originals & Theatrical Experience

Our mission to support the brightest talent working in Independent Film led us to establish our Originals program. We team up with the most exciting filmmakers to produce exclusive movies for our viewers. Selected Originals are given a limited theatrical release - allowing these outstanding movies to be seen by their widest audience.
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Engaging with our Community

Members can explore our upcoming film premieres in the Close-Up magazine, recommend movies to their friends and family with our social recommendation service, and discover and learn about actors & actresses featuring in our critically acclaimed movies.
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Martin Warner

Discusses why he created Flix Premiere