What is Flix Premiere?

“We’ve created a platform where all amazing independent movies can be seen by their widest audience - this is what I call taking independent film mainstream - allowing worthy movies to have a voice”

Martin Warner - CEO & Founder of Flix Premiere

Thousands of great independent movies don’t get seen each year. They play at prestigious film festivals, but it’s difficult to find them online.

We find and curate these mainstream independent movies and bring them directly to you. We are your #1 destination for the best of independent film.

Flix Premiere is revolutionizing the way independent movies are distributed, marketed and consumed...

A New Premiere Every Week

Every film has its film premiere launch on our platform. We bring the Red Carpet experience into your home.

24 hours after their online premiere, films become available on demand in our Now Showing section. This gives you unlimited access to new movies we have carefully selected for you.

Now Showing on Flix Premiere

Mile End
The Orchard
Habana Instant

Flix Premiere Originals & Theatrical Releases

“The Flix Premiere Originals initiative is a milestone in our endeavour to bring great movies to audiences worldwide”

Martin Warner - CEO & Founder of Flix Premiere

We're investing to develop and expand our Original and Theatrical release programs. These movies will play at prestigious film festivals, then premiere online at Flix Premiere. Additionally, the Originals given a theatrical release will show initially in the cities of New York, Los Angeles and London!

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The Other Kids
Bikini Moon
Butterfly Kisses

Films By Actor

Discover hundreds of established and rising Hollywood stars who feature in movies on Flix Premiere.

Close Up Magazine

Each month we share with our movie-goers, the industry and our partners our upcoming online premieres in our interactive digital magazine.

Gift A Movie

A feature Exclusive to Flix Premiere - Once subscribed you can send unlimited free movie gifts to any of your friends and family who are not yet registered.

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