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Two Down

Two Down 

Crime, Thriller, Comedy
1 hr 28 mins

Set in modern day London, Two Down is nevertheless inspired by films of the 1970's, which gives this clever little thriller an interesting spin in the look, the dialogue and the sound. After surviving an explosion in Iraq, Mr. Thomas leaves the infuriating desk job the army had created for him and enters the underground world of the contract killer.

His brother, Sam, had been caught selling on army secrets to the highest bidder and is now working for the elusive Harry Montagu. They use Mr. Thomas as a very effective way of eliminating problems they encounter in their business. That is until Mr. Thomas begins to question whom these 'problems' are that he is removing, and why they deserve this fate. The film starts with Mr. Thomas following a target, a young woman. Yet all is not as it seems as she manages to fight him off long enough for someone in the shadows to shoot him in the back. Leaving him for dead they walk away, but Mr. Thomas, survives and sets about solving the mystery surrounding his most recent job.


Conleth Hill
Alex Hassell
Tori Butler Hart
Amy Manson
Matthew Butler Hart
Matthew Butler Hart
Tori Butler Hart

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