The Stairs

The Stairs 

1 hr 35 mins

The Stairs follows three people who use their experiences surviving decades of drug use and sex work to help their community. Told over five years, their surprising stories reveal a world often misunderstood. Exec-Produced by Alan Zweig (Director of TIFF & Hot Docs prize-winners: Hurt, When Jews Were Funny, and A Hard Name).

Marty, Greg and Roxanne live and work in Toronto’s Regent Park neighbourhood, where they have lived and survived decades of street life. Each is funny, articulate, surprising: mother, grandfather, poet – and a habitual drug user. Performing outreach in their community – trying to give back – they struggle with tenuous lifestyles and past choices. With incredible access, this character-driven film follows each person from 2011, creating intimate portraits that challenge preconceptions.


Hugh Gibson
Exec. producer
Alan Zweig
Hugh Gibson

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