The Rocket List

The Rocket List 

Adventure, Drama, Sci-Fi
1 hr 24 mins

A city in shambles, a world preparing for disaster – and four guys in a Mom-van. As the dwarf planet Ceres II approaches Earth on a direct collision course, a group of friends escape the chaos surrounding them by embarking on a final road-trip, intending to live life to the fullest. They are taking part in the last great social phenomenon: the filming of bucket list goals, with the intention of launching the cameras into space.

Armed only with a camera and a sense of humour, the group braves setbacks from hypothermia to the deaths of loved ones as the reality of the end slowly creeps in. Personalities clash and friendships are tested, before tragedy and inspiration converge to reveal what is truly important.


Akash Sherman
Zachary Vydra
Joel Klassen
Timothy Choy
Mark Meer
Akash Sherman
Akash Sherman
Akash Sherman
James Ewasiuk

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