The Other Kids

The Other Kids 

1 hr 35 mins

The Other Kids follows six teenagers as they struggle through their final days of high school in the small, gold rush town of Sonora, CA. Isaac, a Mexican national abandoned as a child by his family, barely treads water in a culture hostile to non-whites. Poor and living on his own in an abandoned trailer, Isaac works three jobs (landscaping, dishwashing and metalworking), studies hard, and dreams of someday becoming a diplomat. Isaac's girlfriend, Sienna, a stable-hand and natural cowgirl, is forced to cope not only with the brutal dissolution of her family, but with her parents' violent objections to her relationship with Isaac.

New to town is pierced and punk Cricket who can't wait to escape her single mother's control and join the adult world, even if her only available adult option is homelessness, which – to her – represents freedom and independence. Initially scornful of her new surroundings, Cricket gradually befriends Abby, a smart but lonely sharp-shooting tomboy torn between the country traditions of her parents and the allure of the broader world.  

Lacking the money or decent grades that might make higher education a possibility, Joe struggles with what seems to be his only option – to follow in his father's footsteps and join the army. Panicking at the thought of Joe enlisting, Joe's academically brilliant friend Kai wrestles with his own personal demons, from severe depression to serious self-injury. Attempting to control his anxiety, Kai retreats into his family's bathroom for almost daily cutting sessions.

Impending graduation into adulthood brings each of these 17 year olds to the edge of an emotional precipice. When safety nets prove illusory, it’s up to each of them to find a way to save themselves – and each other. 


Savannah Bailey
Hunter Gilmore
Kai Kellerman
Sienna Lampi
Natasha Lombardi
Joe McGee
Isaac Sanchez
Abby Stewart
Brad Marshland
Jill Pixley
Jonathan Sanford
Exec. producers
Jeff Baker
Martin Warner
Darren Dean
Chris Brown
Chris Brown

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