Drama, Thriller
1 hr 20 mins

Tailgate is the suspenseful story of Luke, a young man who finds himself in the boot of a car with vague memories of the night before. Neither he nor the driver of the car seem to know why he is there, but the driver, a cold-hearted contract killer, is not taking any chances. The driver's instructions are simple; travel to the destination and in three days, kill the man in the boot. But why is Luke in his car and who supplied the orders?

Imprisoned with only a sliver of light, Luke desperately tries to gain the upper hand by attacking the driver's conscience. The driver, however, is running on a frenzied instinct and further instructions given by a mysterious caller. Death seems inescapable until they arrive at their destination and the boot is opened when both men have to face the reality of their situation...


Zan Gooderham
Peter Marshall
Damian Smith
Tony Hodgson
Sam Young
Jarrad Brown
Jacob Livermore
Benjamin Evans
Jai Hogg
Jai Hogg
Dawn Chapman
Jarrad Brown
Jai Hogg

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