Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
1 hr 31 mins

It's the greatest secret in the history of civilization... Or, maybe people find out all of the time. Millions of people all around the world have Sleepwalkers - alternate personalities that take control of their bodies when they fall asleep. The life of a Sleepwalker is short but fun: no stress, no responsibility. All you have to do is not get caught. If you get caught, you disappear forever.

Ben (Jeff Ronan) is one such Sleepwalker, and he loves his life. Every night he gets up, steals some money from Awake Ben’s rainy day stash, and goes to hang out with his three best friends - also Sleepwalkers - Danny (Marco Torriani), Flynn (Ron Barba), and Trey (Ryan Nicolls).

Together they try to make the most of every night, getting into adventures and trying new things (no matter how trivial, childish, or weird). At the end of the night, they usually end up at Ben’s favorite diner, where they get served pancakes by their friendly waitress Allison (Jessica DiGiovanni). And all Ben has to do is get home before the alarm goes off so that his waking self can continue his boring life completely oblivious.

One night, after his friends abandon him, Ben starts spending a lot more time with Allison. The more he connects with her, the harder it gets for him to keep his “sleeping” and “waking” lives apart. Pretty soon Ben has to make a choice - just how much is he willing to risk?


Jeff Ronan
Jessica DiGiovanni
Ryan Nicolls
Rachel Liu
Jason Merrin

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