Drama, Family
1 hr 36 mins

Fifteen‐year‐old Scout lives with her younger sister Lulu and their great-grandmother on the edge of poverty in a small Texas town. But when government authorities declare Gran an unfit guardian, the girls’ father takes young Lulu to live with him, separating the sisters for the first time in their lives.

Scout reaches out to the only hope she has: her new friend Sam — a troubled young man who lives in an upscale mental institution nearby. Risking everything, she helps Sam escape. They steal a car and set out to find Lulu with a Texas Ranger hot on their trail, determined to bring Lulu back at any cost. As the chase goes on, Scout must choose between the friend she loves, and the family she lost.


Jane Seymour
India Ennenga
James Frecheville
Onata Aprile
Danny Glover
Nikki Reed
Tim Guinee
Ellen Burstyn
Beverley A. Gordon
Nicolas Emiliani
Dwjuan F. Fox
Laurie Weltz
India Ennenga
Laurie Weltz

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