Percival's Big Night
Premiering in

Percival's Big Night 

Comedy, Drama
1 hr 26 mins

Percival has only a half-baked degree in Fine Arts and a part time job as a pizza delivery boy and is suddenly unnerved by the untimely death of a colleague. He is spurred into action to better his life and to try and woo a beautiful girl, Chloe, who is a customer of his no hope flat mate Salvatore, a small time drug dealer.

Percival has only met Chloe briefly, but thinks that she is the one for him and will change his life around. A grand scheme is launched to get Chloe and a friend to visit the lads
for a ‘big night’ and Percival and Salvatore wait expectantly for the girls to arrive.

The film is shot in a seemingly uninterrupted take and gives the viewer an observer’s perspective on the hilarious bromance between the two flat mates bearing all their hopes and fears as the evening unfolds…


Sarah Wharton
Tommy Nelms
Jarret Kerr
Angelica Reeve
Caitlyn Coady
Adam Daniel Mezei
William Sullivan
Jarret Kerr

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