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Noble Fir

Noble Fir 

1 hr 31 mins

NOBLE FIR follows Henry Dean, a man not given to emotion, who is struggling to maintain control over his life during the busiest part of the Christmas-tree harvesting season. Like his body, Hank’s wounded spirit limps along; he’s “out in the trees” and it’s ultimately his choice whether or not to walk out. Noble Fir is the patiently unfolding story of a strong man who has strung himself up from circumstance. 

As the film navigates the shaky curves of grief, it is held together with a tense and, at times, hopeful score. Like a devastated soul, the film feels as full as it does hollow—with gaps in time and words—while showcasing a quiet truth: loss can be hard to live with, and even more difficult to watch someone try to survive it.


Richard E. Wilson
David Kessler
Mandy Rose Nichols
Samuel Pearson
Desiree Aceves
Christopher W. Graham
Justin Holbrook
Joseph Arney
Christopher W. Graham
Joseph Arney
Christopher W. Graham
Joseph Arney

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