Modern Classic

Modern Classic 

1 hr 23 mins

To call Modern Classic a true story would not be truthful but it wouldn’t be false either. You see, Dave and I (this is Jono speaking, hey!) once set out to make ‘the saddest movie of all time’. First, I need to tell you that Dave and I have been friends for a little over a decade. Both East-Coasters, we met at Humber College where we went to film school. The film’s producer, Isil, was also in our class. Now, back to the saddest movie of all time.

The story, entitled Doldrums, was a strange, quiet, and surreal screenplay about a drunk named Jed who inadvertently kills his dog. It would be long and brooding and hilarious in a “why am I laughing?” kind of way. Dave would play Jed and I would direct. Of course it didn’t have to make sense; and, of course, it would be in black and white. 


J. M. B. Hunter
David C. Grimes
Perry Treilhard
Madeline Leon
Isil Gilderdale
J. M. B. Hunter
J. M. B. Hunter
David C. Grimes

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