Love Stalk

Love Stalk 

Comedy, Romance, Thriller
1 hr 10 mins

Sharon is a PR executive from Singapore, having a hard time finding love in the one-night-stand capital of the world, Hong Kong where she has relocated for work. Her fortune seems to have changed when she briefly meets Ryan and finds that he checks in on-line into several of her favorite spots. Despite warnings from her one friend in town, Joan, who says you can't trust people you find on the Internet, Sharon starts following him through his on-line check-ins, and soon realizes the dangers of on-line stalking her secret crush. Who is stalking who?


Angie Palmer
Ronan Pak
Dada Lo
Ines Laimins
Jae Leung
Kellyjackie Chan
Rex Kwok
Angie Palmer
Sophia Shek
Joe Fiorello
Joe Fiorello
Thera Lee
Jae Leung
Sinlam Ng
Angie Palmer

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