Love Me Do

Love Me Do 

Crime, Drama, Thriller
1 hr 29 mins

Love me Do is a twisted love story which follows the relationship between Antonia, a female investment banker and Max, an out-of-work actor. As the couple learn to bridge their differences and fall in love, a romantic bond develops and with Max keen to contribute to the relationship he is drawn into an elaborate plot to assault Antonia's boss. This clears the way for her to truly show her worth in the workplace, but she is hiding a dark secret from the past.

A failed relationship with an ex colleague in her early career left her with the inability to have a child, and now she sees an opportunity with Max as her accomplice to exact her revenge, but things don't go according to her plan... 


Samantha Coughlan
Jack Gordon
Max Wrottesley
Rebecca Calder
Ian Prior
Martin Stitt
Martin Stitt

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