Love Land

Love Land 

1 hr 41 mins

Set against the backdrop of the Disability Rights Movement, Love Land features a fully inclusive cast with intellectual and developmental disabilities – a cast that carries most of the screen time of the feature-length film.

The story follows Ivy, an aspiring tattoo artist, who, after being placed in a Texas institution for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, hatches a scheme to manipulate Roger, a lifelong resident with Down syndrome, in order to escape the facility and reunite with her boyfriend. Ivy introduces Roger to the exciting outside world and nearly succeeds in her scheme, but when Roger discovers the breadth of Ivy’s lies, they both must face realities that will tremble the very core of who they think they are.

Featuring a leading cast with intellectual and developmental disabilities and supported by disability advocacy groups throughout the nation, Love Land tells a universal story of labels, love, and liberty.


Monica Gaseor
Maddy Davidson
Memphis DiAngelis
Skyy Moore
Angelica Briones
April Hartman
Johnny Walter
Maritte Go
Andrew C Richey
Joshua Tate
Joshua Tate
Paul Gleason
Joshua Tate

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