Drama, Thriller
1 hr 30 mins

Lara (Clara Khoury) has achieved it all, but the arrival of adolescent friend, Inam (Nataly Attiya), brings her back to a past she would rather forget and threatens the future she has struggled to secure.

Lipstikka is the story of two young Palestinian women who move to London and maneuver to find their place, learn the language, and build lives for themselves. We catch up with them when Lara has achieved a certain level of bourgeois comfort and Inam appears like a ghost from a former life, menacing to upset a delicate balance. It is a subtle ode to friendship, especially the variety that has been tested by extraordinary circumstances.

Lipstikka reminds us how where we come from fundamentally shapes who we are, and of the impossibility of ever truly leaving the past behind us. (Adult content)


Clara Khoury
Nataly Attiya
Daniel Caltagirone
Guy Allon
Jonathan Sagall
Jonathan Sagall

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