Cabin Crew

Cabin Crew 

1 hr 34 mins

Six friends risk everything to try and save one of their own. Along the way, they do it all - nickel and dime larceny, scamming crooked cops and a little drug dealing for good measure. When their efforts fall short and the dollars don't add up, they devise a plan to save their buddy in one fell swoop - a bank heist dressed as bandidos.

Nothing comes easy for our merry bunch of outlaws. Partners become turncoats and the local law enforcement would make a mob boss blush. If the crew is to survive and save their friend's life, they're going to need to brush up on their badassedness - because crime only pays if you're willing to play the game.


David Harrod Jr.
Austin Amelio
Kaylene Ball
Harold Fisch
Morgan Floyd
Shayla Bagir
Tyson Culver
Joey Maglaris
Pat 'Shaggy' Welsh
Chad Charnas
Dino Maglaris
Dino Maglaris

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