Butterfly Kisses

Butterfly Kisses 

1 hr 30 mins

Butterfly Kisses is set in today's world. It focuses on a day in the life of three best friends living in a tower block; a turbulent teenage world of drugs, drink and most importantly sex.

Each of the three friends battle with their own demons: Kyle finds the only comfort he can with prostitutes; Jarred’s sex addiction seems to be growing ever stronger.

Our main protagonist Jake, however, has a dark secret - one that he cannot even share with his closest friends, and which pushes him deeper and deeper into a sense of isolation.


Theo Stevenson
Liam Whiting
Byron Lyons
Rosie Day
Thomas Turgoose
Elliot Cowan
Charlotte Beaumont
Ella Rae Smith
Merlin Merton
Jacek Szumlas
Exec. producers
Mike Jones
Lauro Rocha
Alexia Rocha
Ramin Sabi
Edmundo Marlowe
Zoe Solanki
Martin Warner
Rafael Kapelinski
Greer Ellison

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