1 hr 30 mins

Kat and Samantha have been best friends for years. When Samantha convinces a reluctant Kat to take advantage of a couple's weekend retreat by pretending to be lovers, they're hoping for some time by the pool and maybe a few good stories. How hard could it be?

Instead, they find themselves immersed in an intensive workshop with real couples who are fighting to save their relationships. As the "Closer to Closeness" weekend progresses, Kat and Samantha are made to face their own shortcomings and, by default, begin to believe their own cover story.

When the lines of friendship begin to blur, they are faced with asking themselves: could it actually be there is something there or has this weekend just worked a Jedi mind trick on them?


Tara Karsian
Andrea Grano
Sigrid Thornton
Patrick O'Connor
Jenny O'Hara
Larisa Oleynik
Molly Hagan
Richard Moll
Sean Maher
Jeffrey Vincent Parise
Tanya Clarke
Dan Gauthier
Andrea Grano
Tara Karsian
Andrew Putschoegl
Andrew Putschoegl
Andrea Grano
Tara Karsian

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