Beautiful Devils

Beautiful Devils 

1 hr 59 mins

A modern retelling of Shakespeare's tragedy Othello set within the music scene of East London and brought to life with riveting performances from the key players all displaying great depth of character.

Oz and Ivan are lifelong friends and music producers. When Oz gets offered a lucrative recording contract, he is faced with the ultimatum that the contract can only be made if Ivan leaves the band. This forces Oz to make the decision to separate from Ivan professionally. This rejection turns to rage, as Ivan plots to undermine Oz's success and get him kicked off the label. The plan kickstarts an escalation of jealousy and paranoia in Oz. With deadly consequences.


Rachel Hurd-Wood
Osy Ikhile
Elliot James Langridge
Iain Glen
Dominique Provost Chalkley
Greg Wise
Andrew Loveday
Michael Loveday
Terry Loveday
Craig Tuohy
James Marquand
Sacha Bennett
Jennifer Majka

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