Stephen Bridgewater

Stephen Bridgewater

Producer | Actor | Misc. crew

Stephen Bridgewater was born in Hutchinson, Kansas. His career has, for a large part, been in radio broadcasting. From age 14 to 32 he was the top morning Disc Jockey in Atlanta, Chicago, Knoxville and Nashville, Tennessee. He attended college at Hutchinson Community College and studied film at UCLA. Stephen has written and acted in many regional and national commercials. In 1987 he landed his first behind the scenes film job as a coach to Jeff Bridges for director Terry Gilliam.

Interesting Facts

  • In 1987 Bridgewater had produced and directed his own version of The Fisher King radio sequences for a UCLA directing course. In order to get the tape into Gilliam's hands, he disquised himself as a Fed-Ex delivery man and handed it to Gilliam in his hotel room.
  • Stephen has served as Drama Coach to many major motion picture stars including Benicio Del Toro, Heath Ledger, Matt Damon, Jeff Bridges, Robert Patrick, Brad Pitt, Bruce Willis, Orlando Bloom, and Lance Henrikson.

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