Myles Cranford

Myles Cranford


Myles Cranford was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. He recognized his passion for acting at the young age of seven years old, but decided to pursue a career as a physician, which he did for 15 years. During his undergraduate studies (a Pre-Med/Liberal Arts Curriculum, with a minor in Philosophy and Religion) his elective course work was acting, directing, and film.

After obtaining his Bachelor of Science Degree, he did not get accepted into medical school, but he excelled in a variety of career positions: teacher, health food store manager, chauffeur, firefighter, financial services manager, advertising executive, transportation manager, soap maker, ranch manager, and he is also a Certified Hotel Administrator.

About five years ago, he reverted back to his original passion and is now working full time as an actor. He has had lead and supporting roles in a variety of theater production, television series, and films. He is fully committed to his craft, and is known for doing whatever it takes to contribute toward the success of the projects that he is involved in.

Interesting Facts

  • "We are born to be great, and conditioned to be mediocre. To the extent that we break the chains of our conditioning, we rise to our intended level of greatness." - Myles Cranford