Madeline Taylor

Madeline Taylor


Madeline Taylor was born on May 20, 1996 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. She began travelling to New York for auditions when she was only 10 years old. The first job she got called up for, she booked, which turned out to be the 2007 thriller The Girl Next Door. Since then, she has received roles in the films: Loop Planes and Changeover, and has appeared in various television series.

Madeline has taken a break from her career to attend Duke University. Upon graduation she will return to her acting career full time in 2017.

Interesting Facts

  • Her mom Googled "agents in New York" when they went up to New York for a Christmas trip with her family one year; she went in to see her, sang a song, and landed an agent.
  • Madeline made the decision to go to college instead of pursuing acting full time.