Jeroen Krabbé

Jeroen Krabbé

Producer | Actor | Director

Jeroen Aart Krabbé is a dutch actor and director. He takes part in many Dutch and international films and is best known for his roles in The Fugitive, Living Daylights, and Transporter 3. Jeroen was born on December 5, 1944 in Amsterdam, Netherlands into an artistically talented family. His mother, Margreet, was a film translator and his father, Maarten, was a painter. Jeroen has two brothers; Tim is a journalist, novelist, and former championship chess player, and Mirko is an artist. He got married in 1964 to his wife, Herma, and together they have three sons: Martijn, a radio and television presenter, Jasper, and Jacob.

Interesting Facts

  • He is frequently cast as a villain.
  • Apart from acting and directing, he is an accomplished artist (his paintings have appeared on Dutch postage stamps) and has co-authored a Dutch cookbook.

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