Jan Cornet

Jan Cornet


Jan Cornet was born on February 24,1982 in Terrassa, outside Barcelona. When he turned 16 a friend suggested to him that he start working for ad campaigns. Though he was not too sure about the choice at first, he soon realized how easy it was to earn good money with his clean face, and changed his mind. Despite wanting to read Psychology, his love for acting prevailed and, finally, he enrolled in a theater school in Barcelona, which he attended for three years. When he applied for a part in La noche del hermano, a film directed by Santiago Garcìa de Leàniz, he was picked, and that is when he moved to Madrid. He is an actor known for The Skin I live in (2011), Red Lights (2012) and Risen (2016).

Interesting Facts

  • He won a Goya Award for his role as Vicente in Pedro Almodóvar's The Skin I Live In.
  • He loves good food and also declares he would have become a great cook, if he had not become an actor.

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