Guillermo Ivan

Guillermo Ivan

Producer | Director | Writer | Actor

Guillermo graduated from the Faculty of Arts and Letters at the University of La Havana. He received a degree in production and direction from the Union Nacional de Escritores y Artistas of Cuba. Moving to New York, he completed two years of training as a full-time student at HB Studio.

As an actor, his work can be seen in many feature films in Mexico, Colombia, and The USA (Trade, Vantage Point, Elliot’s love, La Casa de los Babys); he had his directorial debut in 2009 with "No Turning Back" (Sin Retorno), followed by Balls and Carrusel (2012), also written, produced and acted by him. In 2013, he produced and directed “Blue Family”, (best movie at Feratum Film Festival 2016); and in 2014, he directed, wrote, and co-produced the award winning movie “The Strike” (best comedy at Manhattan Film Festival 2016).

That same year he wrote and directed the award winning feature film: Habana Instant shot in Cuba (Innovation Award and 1st mention of the Ecumenical Prize in Montreal World Film Festival). In 2016, Guillermo directed, produced and acted in “Havana Darkness", the first horror/thriller movie ever to be shot between Havana and New York and he also directed and acted in “Welcome to Acapulco”, an action movie shot on locations in Acapulco and New York.

Interesting Facts

  • He played one of the leads in the original version of the famous movie “Free Willy” (Keiko en Peligro), and the same whale was used in both versions (Mexico and US).