Bronagh Gallagher

Bronagh Gallagher

Composer | Actress | Soundtrack

Bronagh Gallagher is an Irish-born singer and actress. She became involved in the performing arts, including both music and drama, through school during her teenage years. She also joined a local amateur dramatics group, the Oakgrove Theatre Company. Her big break came when she starred as ‘Bernie’ in The Commitments (1991). Today Bronagh still remains active as a singer as well as a musician.

Interesting Facts

  • She is a former hairdresser.
  • She released her first album "Precious Soul" in 2004 on the Salty Dog Records label. She wrote most of the music herself, played the drums and sang the lead vocals.
  • "One of my earliest memories is seeing the bright blue, Epic 45 of Jackie Wilson singing 'Higher and Higher,' and I'd say, 'That one!' and my parents would play it every Sunday afternoon and we'd all get up and leap around the house."

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