Brett Goldstein

Brett Goldstein

Actor | Writer

Brett Goldstein was born in 1980. He attended school in Sutton, Surrey before reading Film Studies at Warwick University. He continued his education in New York, where he studied acting, but was dissatisfied and instead pursued a career as a comedian. He crafted a successful stand-up career for himself with his most successful show titles as 'Brett Goldstein Grew Up in a Strip Club'. He was a familiar face on the comedy circuits for five years before he started appearing to a wider audience in a variety of television sitcoms, including Derek, Uncle and Drifters. He wrote and starred in the title role of "Superbob," a movie parody of superhero films.

Interesting Facts

  • Upon graduating at twenty-one, he was recruited by his father to help run a strip club in Marbella for a year, an experience he would later work into a comedy routine.
  • His old classmate from Sutton, Jon Drever, directed "Superbob."

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