Art Parkinson

Art Parkinson


Art Parkinson, born on October 19, 2001, is an Irish actor based in Moville, County Donegal. He began his professional acting career at the age of seven and is best known for his role as ‘Rickon Stark’ in Game of Thrones, and ‘Ollie Taylor’ in the film San Andreas. His mother, Movania, is an actress who runs a drama school at which he and his two brothers attend. Art has two older brothers, Pearce and Padhraig, who have acted in several Irish and British television productions.

Interesting Facts

  • Parkinson is bilingual, having been educated at a Gaelic language school.
  • His first Game of Thrones episode aired in early 2011, when he was only nine years old.
  • He was not allowed by his parents to watch Game of Thrones due to its R18 content, apart from a few scenes that were related to him.
  • While Parkinson is not working, he enjoys playing football with his school friends at Moville's Gaelscoil Cois Feabhail.

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