The Removals

The Removals 

Sci-Fi, Crime, Fantasy, Film Noir, Mystery
1 hr 3 mins

A secretive agency is seeking to control society by re-enacting everyday events but subtly changing the original and placing its own stamp on the new version. Two agents, Kathryn (Milly Sanders) and Mason (Jeff Wood), exhausted by the toll each removal has taken from them, quietly, and then openly, set out to undermine the agency.

Is it still a revolution if no one notices it happening? The Removals is a spellbinding new work, part-thriller, part-nightmarish analogy for the wormhole where modern social communication leads.


Milly Sanders
Jeff Wood
Andrew Sensenig
Joe Justus
Grace Krilanovich
Eric Obenauf
Nicholas Rombes
Mike Shiflet
Nicholas Rombes
Nicholas Rombes

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