The Cannon

The Cannon 

1 hr 39 mins

The Cannon centres around aging adult film star Colton “The Cannon” Clemens who struggles to hide his declining health, and true profession, from his impressionable, adolescent daughter before she moves out of the country with his ex-wife.

Determined to leave behind a legacy that his aspiring-actress daughter can be proud of, he makes a desperate -- and virtually impossible -- attempt to convince famed director Gina Passmore to allow him to star in the lead role of a feature film adaptation based around the iconic play his late mother once made her own legendary debut in.

Colton’s crusade to right past mistakes collides against the new direction that management at the porn studio imposes on him for their adult content, and he reluctantly crosses his most personal boundaries to comply, though doing so sets off a chain of events that causes everything in his life to suddenly implode.


Bob Frazer
Megan Charpentier
Teagan Vincze
James Neate
Jenn Griffin
April Telek
Magali Gillon Krizaj
Exec. producers
Peter Harvey
Douglas Kerr
Marshall Axani
Marshall Axani

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