She Has A Name

She Has A Name 

Drama, Thriller
1 hr 48 mins

The Pearl is a popular destination for sex tourists, famous for beautiful girls from all over Asia and the place where Jason, an American lawyer, poses as a john so he can secretly meet with girls forced to work as prostitutes. A certain young girl known only as Number 18 can be a key witness for his case, Jason must convince her to testify against her cut throat pimp.

When his investigation starts to unravel, Jason realizes that rather than save 18 from her horrific circumstances he has put her life at risk. With a crime syndicate now chasing him down and no resources but his own wits, Jason must try to rescue Number 18 in the crowded city before the pimp moves her, for good.


Teresa Ting
Giovanni Mocibob
Will Yun Lee
Eugenia Yuan
Gil Bellows
Deborah Fennelly
Vanessa Toh
Charlie Ruedpokanon
Holly Pillsbury
Matthew Kooman
Daniel Kooman
Andrew Kooman
Shari Aspinall
Donna Abraham
Exec. producers
Lance Kadatz
Dean Kohut
Matthew Kooman
Daniel Kooman
Andrew Kooman

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