Scarlet's Witch

Scarlet's Witch 

Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
1 hr 24 mins

Scarlet’s Witch is a modern day fairy tale about a witch in the woods. Scarlet discovers what friendship and love really means and the price one might have to pay to acquire it.

As a child, Scarlet was often misunderstood but she was always eager to connect with someone, however was never given a real chance. One day, Scarlet meets a lonely witch in the woods. They connect immediately as both were lonely, and Scarlet has never known a mother. The witch grows fond of Scarlet who visits everyday until college. As they grow closer and closer the witch offers her special powers to Scarlet but Scarlet refuses them as she only wants to be closer to her as a person.

Scarlet is very stubborn when it comes to letting the witch help her. But sometimes even the strongest willed people will ask for help if the stakes are high enough!


Avery Kristen Pohl
Emily Pearse
Marcy Palmer
Julie Moss
Carlie Nettles
Callie Haskins
Taylor Edmonds
Bill Kelly
Kimberly Cobb
Adam Bertocci
Exec. producer
F.C. Rabbath
F.C. Rabbath
F.C. Rabbath

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