Queer City

Queer City 

Biography, Documentary
1 hr 24 mins

QUEER CITY presents portraits of seven highly diverse New Yorkers to show what gay life in America looks like today.

The portraits include: a lesbian couple with highly articulate kids; an 80-something British painter who witnessed the Blitz; a celebrated female director of gay male porn; a transgendered Haitian street kid who transitioned while living with his conservative family in Coney Island; and a popular former state senator.

All are wonderful storytellers, sharing tales we haven't heard before ... in their own very entertaining styles.


Kris Franklin
Mr. Pam
Thomas K. Duane
Sarah Chinn
Miriam Diaz
Eric Simon
Geoffrey Rodgers
Draper Shreeve
Townes Coates
Exec. producer
Henry Chalfant
Draper Shreeve
Christopher Bram

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