Drama, Romance
1 hr 33 mins

Olympia is a coming-of-adulthood drama about Olympia Welles, a young woman who has to make a choice.

Her roommate has moved out, leaving her to cover rent on an apartment she can’t afford. Her career as an artist has stalled before even taking off, her peers are starting careers that threaten to take them far away, and her mother is sick in the hospital.

When her boyfriend Felix asks her to move to California with him as he starts his own career, Olympia, on the cusp of thirty, has to decide if she’s going to change along with the world around her, or get left behind.


McKenzie Chinn
Charles Gardner
Ericka Ratcliff
Lucy Manda
Elliott Lonsdale
Sarah Sharp
Exec. producers
McKenzie Chinn
Matt Miller
Gregory Dixon
McKenzie Chinn

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