Occupy, Texas

Occupy, Texas 

Comedy, Drama, Family
1 hr 33 mins

Years after the height of “Occupy Wall Street,” Beau Baker (Gene Gallerano) is one of the few still standing after the haze of drum circles, protesting students, and social media frenzy clears away from the tent community occupying Zuccotti Park. When his Uncle (Reed Birney) tracks him down with the news of his parents’ death, Beau finds a hot shower and a ticket back to the home from which he has estranged himself for seven years.

Unfamiliar, out of place, and unprepared for a return to his upper class roots, Beau and his family are shocked to find that the Baker parents have named Beau to be the legal guardian of his two teenage sisters, Claire (Lorelei Linklater) and Arden (Catherine Elvir). Readily acknowledging his history of evading responsibility and nearly paralyzed at having to reconnect with his sisters, his past, and himself, Beau decides to pass guardianship to his recently divorced Aunt Uma (Peri Gilpin). When Aunt Uma has to leave town for an unplanned business trip, she is forced to call upon Beau to watch the girls before he is free to escape back to his self-imposed exile in Zuccotti Park. When his recently married ex-flame, Sherry (Nikki Moore), now his sisters’ private school counselor, his best friend (David Matranga) and the neighbor (Paul Benjamin) begin demanding explanations for his disappearance, Beau attempts to rekindle relationships long past their expiration dates with the two sisters he hardly knows. As Beau practices his particular brand of unadulterated responsibility (by allowing his sisters to skip school, throw parties, eat junk food and have free reign re-inventing the rules), and the chaos of the Occupy movement slowly descends on the family home in suburban Texas, Beau begins to remember what it means to be part of a family.

After Beau is arrested trying to break up his sister’s out-of-control house party and Arden’s womanhood and severe lice problem is too much for him to handle, Aunt Uma returns home to try to save Claire from expulsion and Arden from following in his footsteps. As Beau attempts to return to his life as a burnout, he realizes the next radical movement must be for his family; the cause he must occupy is his own. Beau returns to his roots and, with the help of an army of grade-school warriors, a nearly forgotten confidence and second chances, Beau fights for his sisters and his future in the Lone Star State, learning that when you occupy family, there is no 1%.


Peri Gilpin
Lorelei Linklater
Gene Gallerano
Janine Turner
Reed Birney
Paul Benjamin
Catherine Elvir
Jeff Barry
Gene Gallerano
Exec. producer
Johanthan Brownlee
Jeff Barry
Gene Gallerano

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