I Put A Hit on You

I Put A Hit on You  

Comedy, Romance, Thriller
1 hr 17 mins

When Harper (Sara Canning) sets out to orchestrate an ill-timed marriage proposal on her boyfriend Ray (Aaron Ashmore) over dinner, she rapidly spins out of control when he rejects her. Going home alone she proceeds to get drunk and accidentally finds herself online, advertising for a hitman to dispatch the unwitting Ray! A while later she comes to her senses and the reality of what she has just done sinks in, prompting her to rush over to Ray’s apartment to save him from assassination…

The rest of the action takes place in his apartment as they desperately try to find a way to either call off the hitman or outsmart him in this dark romantic comedy. Fired by the rollercoaster of relationship issues the pair are forced to work together in surprising twists and turns to escape the clutches of the unidentified assassin.


Sara Canning
Aaron Ashmore
Danny Smith
Heather Sande
Jonathan Llyr
Jordan Gross
Linsey Stewart
Dane Clark
Linsey Stewart
Dane Clark

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