Hello Gangster

Hello Gangster 

Action, Comedy, Crime
1 hr 22 mins

Simon (Simon Cardoza) is a bit of a loser with a boring job and hopeless on the dating scene, but he has a dog called Amy who he loves unconditionally. He shares with a roommate Matt (Matt Barron) who is trying to make it as a musician and borrows from a loan shark to fund his ill-fated attempts.

Matt unwisely takes Amy to give to the loan shark as collateral, and he and an incensed Simon have three days to get the money together to pay off the loan or the dog 'gets it'. Firstly they try a kidnap and ransom plot which fails miserably, and so resort to old fashioned robbery to come up with the goods!


Nalani Jay
Liu Yi
Simon Cardoza
Jonathan Alpart
Matt Barron
Richard Krause
Richard Krause
Richard Krause

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