Forgotten Man

Forgotten Man 

Comedy, Drama, Romance
1 hr 24 mins

Forgotten Man tells the story of Carl, a troubled young writer and actor with a history of incarceration who belongs to an East London Theatre Company for the homeless.

When a performance of his new play ends with another actor fighting an audience member, Carl, in the affluent attire from his play, escapes the theatre for the bustling streets of contemporary London.

He meets Meredith, a wealthy out-of-towner who is in London for a funeral. Their sweet romance has Carl risking parol violation to pursue another life, but when Meredith invites Carl to see the play in which he is a lead actor, and the theatre erupts in violent conflict, Carl is found trapped between his desire and obligation.


Obi Abili
Eleanor Mc Loughlin
Toby Wharton
Errol Mc Glashan
Jerry Hall
Anna Jancso
Marc Petey
Joe Kitson
Exec. producer
David Gothard
Arran Shearing
Arran Shearing

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