Dear Coward on the Moon

Dear Coward on the Moon 

Drama, Fantasy, Mystery
1 hr 20 mins

While her older sister Jade works full time to support them, 9-year-old Jasmine spends
her days retreating into imaginary lunar landscapes and exploring secret places.

When her snooping uncovers a troubling family secret, Jasmine runs away from home. Her sister now missing, Jade is forced to turn to a figure of the past to pull her family back together.


Ashley Shelton
Mallory McGuire
Linds Edwards
Andrew Tolstedt
Charla Cochran
Carol Brandt
Martin Kaszubowski
Exec. producers
Kurt Raether
Matt Sabljak
Katie Heil
Kelly Fitzsimmons
Carol Brandt
Carol Brandt
Jon Phillips

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