All That I Am

All That I Am 

1 hr 22 mins

When Dr. Lynn (Chris McCann) abandoned his terminally ill wife Diane, an acclaimed author, he left his three children Susan (Gaby Hoffman), Christian (Chris Abbott), and Win (Dan Bittner) to look after her.

Almost a decade later all three children are dealing with their father’s abandonment differently, Christian has especially harbored a sense of resentment that has prevented him from doing anything productive with his life. As Susan struggles to deal with a dissolved marriage while managing her pre-teen daughter and Win’s career as a children’s author is taking off, Christian is falling deeper into a self-destructive hole of drugs, sex and alcohol.

On the eve of their annual family reunion, Dr. Lynn unexpectedly shows up at Christian's door claiming he can justify his nine-year absence. Filled with anger, disappointment and resentment, Christian attempts to push him away but is overcome by a need to  understand his father. The two spend an uneasy night together and set off for Susan’s in the morning with an unexpected guest— Susan has invited Christian’s ex-girlfriend Kate to join them for the weekend’s festivities.

On their drive upstate, Christian struggles to explain why he has claimed his father deceased for several years, why Kate and his relationship never worked, and where his father actually was the entire time.

When they arrive at Susan’s, the surprise of Dr. Lynn immediately launches her into a fury. Eventually Christian is able to calm her down and convinces Susan to let their father sleep outside in the shed to keep him away from her daughter, who believes her grandfather is dead.

As the weekend gets underway, Dr. Lynn’s helpfulness and charm awake in Susan and Win a family dynamic they have sorely missed. Christian, however, is not convinced. 


Christopher Abbott
Christopher McCann
Dan Bittner
Emily Fleischer
Jacinta Puga
Matt McCarthy
Kelly AuCoin
Gaby Hoffmann
Jean-Raphael Ambron
Grant Curatola
Brett Potter
E. McCabe Walsh
Exec. producers
Andrew D. Corkin
Alex Schepsman
Susan Shopmaker
Carlos Puga
Carlos Puga

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