After the Rain

After the Rain 

1 hr 35 mins

The mental and emotional trials of a young man suffering from terminal cancer, and the loved ones he will ultimately leave behind. The dynamics of love earned, life to be lived, and dreams shattered are explored as the strength of a few is tested in a very real story about letting go. "Only when you learn to let go, does the beauty of life and everything in it reveal itself."


Roy Vongtama
Daniel Bonjour
Jelly Howie
Rachel Ann Courtney
Catherine Hicks
Steve Franken
Edward Finlay
Roy Vongtama
Daniel Bonjour
Jason Fry
Lisa Hoover
Jordi Caballero
Kenny Gage
Hector Tinoco
Andy Pagana
Daniel Bonjour
Daniel Bonjour
Ryan James Russell

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